The League was started in the 1962-63 season, just in time to fall victim to the most severe winter for many years. Undaunted, we got in to full stride the following season when 16 teams eagerly kicked off the first official Sunday League in the area. Knellwood Park, from Farnborough, achieved the double. Standards were good with players and Referees from senior football taking part. We continued to grow steadily and by 1968-69 embraced four divisions and continued to attract quality players and teams, from Camberley, Haslemere, Alton and Woking as well as the immediate locality. 1971-72 saw a fifth division added but 1975 onwards witnessed a gradual diminishing of interest so that by 2004-05 we were once again running just one division, albeit bolstered by the ever growing Veterans Competition.

This section, the brainchild of the then Chairman Mike Parker, continued to grow, and has proved to be the saviour of the League. Dominated in the early years by Cherry Tree Athletic, under various team guises an influx of former Ash United players then spread the honours but In 2008-09 and 2009-10 Cherry Tree regained the ascendancy. An over 40's Super vets Division was introduced for the 2009-10 season but after 2 season 2 of the 4 teams wished to compete against more varied opposition so the Super Vets was shelved and merged into the Veterans from 2011-12. Subsequent seasons has seen the Veterans Championship regularly changing hands with current holders Overton United Veterans looking to retain the title for the 4th time on a trot this season.

We now have 6 Veterans Divisions consisting of 33 Clubs fielding 43 teams including 4 newly affiliated Clubs for 2018-19. New players and teams are always welcome.

The League has been especially lucky over the years to attract the services of extremely competent administrators. Men of the calibre of Peter Hobdell, Tony Cobbett, Mike Parker, John Donnellan, Dave Havenhand, and Colin Barnett, have ensured the reputation of the League has remained high throughout its history. The present incumbents will attempt to maintain those high standards and encourage new volunteer members to join our ranks.